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Genetic profiling of animals

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When placing an order, it is necessary to fill in the name of the animal, the sampled material and at least one identification symbol, ie chip number or registration number of the animal.

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Dog - Beauceron

Genetic ID of the animal
  • Genetic ID of the animal - STR profile (according to ISAG recommendations)
  • STR identification and paternity evaluation
Genetic tests for hereditary diseases
  • Alport Syndrome COL4A5 c.513_522delTAATCCAGGA
  • Cystinuria SLC3A1 c.350delG
  • Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) SOD1 c.118G>A
  • Elliptocytosis SPTB c.6384C>T
  • Hemophilia B - Coagulation Factor IX Deficiency F9 c.1253G>A
  • Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency ITGB-2 c.107G>C (CLAD)
  • Malignant Hyperthermia RYR-1 c.1640T>C
  • Non-syndromic deafness CDH23 c.700C>T
  • Oculocutaneous albinism SLC45A2 c.1478G>A
Genetically determined disease_PTGS2
  • Renal Dysplasia PTGS2 (aka COX-2) promoter length polymorphism
Genetically determined phenotypic variants
  • SuperColorLocus - Locus E (alleles E, Em, Eg, Eh, e, e2, e3); Locus K (alleles K, k); Locus A (alleles Ay, aw, at, a); Locus D (alleles D, d1, d2); Locus S (alleles S, s); locus B (alleles B, bs, bd, bc) + TYRP1 c.555T>G; Harlequin coat color (PSMB
  • Black and Tan coat color (Baset, Welsh Corgi Pembroke), RALY g.1875_1890dupCCCCAGGTCAGAGTTT
  • Black and Tan coat color, Saddle Tan color, allele at ASIP SINE insertion in intron 1
  • Black coat color, allele a ASIP c.288C>T
  • Brown coat color TYRP1 c.555T>G (applicable for Australian Shepherd and Miniature American Shepherd)
  • Curly coat KRT71 c.451C>T
  • Fawn/sable coat color, allele ay ASIP c.246G>T and c.250G>A
  • Furnishings/Wiry pattern RSPO2 167 bp insertion in 3´UTR
  • Hairlessness SGK3 c.283_286delTTAG (applicable for AHT)
  • Harlequin coat color PSMB7 c.146T>G
  • Harlequin coat color PSMB7 c.146T>G
  • LOCUS A, ASIP c.288C>T/ c.246G>T/ c.250G>A/ ASIP SINE_ins
  • LOCUS B, Brown coat color, allele bc_bd_bs |TYRP1 c.121T>A | TYRP1 c.1033_1036del | TYRP1 c.991C>T
  • LOCUS D - allele - d2 Dilution - MLPH c.705G>C
  • LOCUS D - allele d1 - Dilution MLPH c.-22G>A
  • LOCUS E allele e2, Red/ yellow coat color, MC1R c.430G>C (Australian Cattle Dog)
  • LOCUS E, Red/ yellow coat color, MC1R c.916C>T
  • LOCUS K - Black coat color - CBD103 c.67_69delGGG
  • Locus S, Piebald, MITFins_SINE
  • Long hair FGF5 - c.578C>T
  • Long hair FGF5 - c.556_571del16
  • Long hair FGF5 - c.559_560dupGC
  • Long hair/Fluffy hair FGF5 c.284G>T
  • Melanistic mask in fawn or brindle dogs, allele Em, MC1R c.790A>G
Genetically determined phenotypic variants_Merle
  • Merle coat pattern SILV SINE insertion (m/Mc/Mc+/Ma/Ma+/M/Mh)
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